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November 24, 2009


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Steve Caton

I am looking forward to your posts on this topic Will. Seth Godin’s “Tribes” has been a powerful leverage point for our organization over the last year and we have shared many copies with our own “tribe”. I resonated personally with many points in the book and, like you, saw incredible application for the local church.

A Tribe must develop in an organic and natural fashion. They look different for each church that tries to encourage their development. A “movement” as Seth describes it can often be killed with mass production or attempts to make a formula with it. That is often driven by our inherent need to control but as the book so effectively illustrates, Tribes are most powerful when we relinquish control and give them room to “breathe”.

Being people-oriented is more predictable and sometimes messier than being program-driven but the results are much more worthwhile, especially as it relates to the impact we can have on our community.

Thanks for challenging us with your thoughts and insights on the concept!

Steve Caton

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