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October 19, 2009


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Joe Ely

great endorsement, Will. This is wonderful!

Bill Mancini

This is a great endorsement of a great book. Isn't it interesting that at first Bruce was going to dismiss the book and then he took the time to begin reading it with an open heart and mind. I think it is also called humility! Don't let this book get past you.

Gordon Marcy

As you've said...we're not trained to think that our church or ministry is somehow distinct from every other church.

Bruce's honest expression, regarding his journey from skeptic to endorser, should inspire many more to considering "Church Unique."

When God expands your borders to more than you imagined, we can say, "we knew him when."

--Member Houston Vision co::Lab


Will, it is an excellent book! I'll put my stack of reads up to most anyone and I have found your book thought povoking, and inspiring. Searching and praying for a clear Kingdom concept!! Then on to the mission mandate-thanks Brother!

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